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Some tips for whiter teeth

Teeth Whitening

The smile is an important element that we can use in different situations, therefore, is very important to maintain healthy our teeth and to have a bright white teeth! Tooth color depends on many internal factors such as tissue structure and their composition and by certain external factors such as consumption of carbonated colorful and […]

Sensitive teeth? Get rid of this problem!

Sensitive Teeth Emergenter

Dental sensitivity is a common problem among people of all kinds. This occurs when you eat hot, cold, sweet or sour food. Acute pain can be short or long and can be caused by various factors. Tooth sensitivity can occur at a single tooth or more. Among the causes of tooth sensitivity include: tooth decay, […]

Get the perfect smile!


The smile is the secret that people use when they want something. We all focus on a smile when we want to persuade someone about something. Smiling is one of our strengths, along with other features, it helps us to look good. Is well known and, like me, you’ve heard more than once that “smiling […]